As part of my own journey of self discovery, creativity, and mindfulness, I encourage and hopefully inspire you to explore and connect with your own Creative Spirit, your Inner Being-ness… in delightful, creative, inspiring ways


Your creations allow me to be creative!
from C.C. – Corvallis, OR

For the duration of the Corona Virus Experience, I’m making all of my “Mandalas To Color” free to download and color. Be Safe. Be well. Be Creative.

It’s going to take me a while to get them all up here, so keep checking back…

Legal stuff: I’m happy to offer these mandalas for your own personal enjoyment. Any commercialization of these designs in any form is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.

New Mandalas

Asymmetry Mandalas

Symmetry Mandalas with Affirmations

Symmetry Mandalas without Affirmations

Hyperbolic Tessellations